Liquor Law

The liquor industry’s laws are complex and often times hard to understand, Sean O’Leary, the Irish Liquor Lawyer, can be a great asset in dealing with these difficult issues. 

Mr. O’Leary’s understanding of complex liquor laws and regulations is praised by leading members of the industry and his opinion on liquor issues is highly sought.

Cannabis Law

As Illinois moves towards adult recreational use legalization, there is a need to understand the laws and regulations as drafted. Additionally, there is a need for someone to represent your interest with government officials on the state and local level. After dealing with legal issues in a highly regulated industry, liquor, Mr. O’Leary understands the complexities behind these issues and is well equipped to provide sound insight.  

Government Relations

O’Leary Law and Policy Group provides government relations services. Mr. O’Leary has contacts ranging from a member of the Ways and Means Committee to Illinois Legislative Leadership to leaders and influencers in many municipalities in Illinois.


Chinese Team

O’Leary Law and Policy Group has a Chinese team that is fluent in Mandarin and Cantonese. We help Chinese investors navigate the U.S. system and connect Chinese investors with business opportunities and partnerships. We work with entities which include but not limited to businesses, private schools, and government entities. When Chinese investors want to invest in business and educational opportunities, O’Leary Law and Policy Group works to connect these investors to the right opportunities. O’Leary Law and Policy works with government, business and education officials to bring wanted investment.

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