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Bringing simple solutions to problems in heavily regulated industries.

We partner with businesses to provide solutions for dealing with government red tape especially in highly regulated industries such as liquor and cannabis. As well as providing government relations services and advocacy on our clients’ behalf.  We also works as a bridge between Chinese investors, domestic businesses and government entities.  

Liquor Law

Our firm represents businesses in licensing and regulatory issues and aids businesses when the government sanctions or threatens to sanction a liquor business.

Cannabis Law

As a new and heavily regulated industry, understanding the complex and regulatory process is difficult. We work with clients to help them navigate through the licensing process.

Government Relations

Navigating through the government process is difficult and making your voice heard may be even more difficult. Our firm works with clients to adopt the best sound policy and methods for successful advocacy

Who We Serve

Producers, Wholesalers & Retailers

O’Leary Law and Policy Group represents all three tiers in the liquor industry. Whether it is compliance, licensing, or regulatory issues, O’Leary Law and Policy Group can help you through the process.

 Irish Liquor Lawyer Blog is one of the most influential blogs in the liquor industry. It is followed by key players in all three tiers of the industry and key decision makers on government side. has been picked up in the media in Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, and North America.  Numerous important legal sources utilize it as a source of information including


Irish Liquor Lawyer predicted the Tennessee Wine case correctly

In response to the Mississippi Attorney General’s Brief in Wine Express Case

Tariffs and currency manipulation are hurting small U.S. wineries

What People Are Saying

Testimonial from Richard Blau: Chair, Alcohol Beverage & Food Law Department at Gray Robinson

“The alcohol beverage industry is one of America’s most heavily-regulated commercial sectors. Its laws are varied, complex, and often far-from-intuitive. Which makes Sean O’Leary such a valuable asset to this esoteric area of law and regulation. Sean served for several years as an attorney with the Illinois Liquor Control Commission, and in that capacity worked with all tiers and all segments of America’s “three-tier” system. During that time, he addressed the wide range of trade practice, compliance and policy governance issues that constantly challenge industry members. I personally worked with Sean on matters for several alcohol industry clients over those years. In all of my interactions with Sean, he displayed an extraordinary depth of regulatory technical knowledge, as well as a broader understanding of policy concerns and objectives. Even in adversarial circumstances, Sean always comported himself in a professional manner that reflected integrity and brought credit to his agency. Sean’s departure from public service is a loss for Illinois government, but a big win for the private sector. I am happy to recommend Sean for regulated industry clients in need of compliance insight, guidance and support.”

Testimonial From John G. Wilson, Jr., COO and General Counsel, Winestyr

 “Sean navigated us through a very difficult legal process, and in doing so allowed us to expand our business and increase our revenue. Liquor laws are often times difficult to understand and that is why Sean is a valuable resource. Additionally, his national network of connections gets you to the right decision makers and gets things done.

We are pleased with the results and happy that we engaged him.”


Testimonial From Steve D.

“Sean’s knowledge of the law and process was superb.  He communicated with me every step of the way and guided me to make informed decisions.  The end result was very satisfactory.”

Testimonial From Tom Wark, Fermentation Wine Blog

“There are not a lot of blogs or publications that speak authoritatively on the legal aspects of the alcohol industry. It’s a complicated subject that is rife with ideological, partisan and self-serving perspectives. O’Leary is threading the needle here nicely and is a very welcome addition to the sources the industry can use to educate themselves on the state of alcohol law. Irish Liquor Lawyer is highly recommended.”

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