Alcohol Beverage Law Specialist

Sean O’Leary, the Irish Liquor Lawyer, and the founder and President of O’Leary Law and Policy Group, LLC, is a national thought leader in liquor legal matters. He has been cited over 20 times in leading publications including Wine Searcher, Forbes, Meininger, and Decanter. And has become a regular speaker at national liquor industry conferences.

Mr. O’Leary attended the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (where he did not play on the basketball team). He received his law degree from Chicago-Kent College of Law.  He lives in the Chicago suburbs with his beautiful wife Crystal and they are blessed to have an amazing baby boy named Brendan.

Our Practice

High Profile Cases

O’Leary Law Group was selected by Wine Freedom to represent them in a crucial Mississippi Supreme Court case. Mr. O’Leary drafted an amicus brief advocating for Wine Freedom’s position.


Political Advocacy

In addition to liquor matters, O’Leary Law Group advocates for clients through government relations work and political advocacy. Mr. O’Leary’s work has helped his clients realize enhanced influence in the political process



O’Leary Law Group played an important role in setting the direction and policy of the Illinois Liquor Control Commission. Mr. O’Leary acted as the policy liaison for the governor’s office and drafted regulations and statutes.

Why Choose Us

Experience That Counts

Mr. O’Leary helps brings simple solutions to problems in heavily regulated industries. His many successes on behalf of clients include protecting a client’s license from revocation, developing an efficient business model for his client to realize savings through reduced spending, and drafting a business plan that allowed for his client to comply with the law through a complex process.

Alcohol Beverage Law Specialist

Before starting the O’Leary Law and Policy Group, LLC, Mr. O’Leary held the position of Senior Public Service Administrator with the Illinois Liquor Control Commission. While at the Commission, he helped revolutionize the Illinois liquor industry by cracking down on illegal bootlegging, advocating for the expansion of allowable discounting practices and developing standards for contract brewing.

A Record Of Success

O’Leary Law and Policy Group has a record of success. When a retailer was under threat to lose its liquor license it turned to O’Leary Law and Policy group to save its business. Further, O’Leary Law and Policy Group has setup business models that comply with complex liquor regulations and helped a client from overspending when starting up its business.



Fighting for our client’s best interest as nothing less will do!

O’Leary Law and Policy Group’s mission is to help our clients thrive in a complex regulatory environment. Areas such as liquor and cannabis revolve around complex regulatory schemes, yet these complexities can also provide great opportunity. O’Leary Law and Policy Group will work with our clients to navigate these complexities and O’Leary Law and Policy Group will dedicate itself to our clients’ success.


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